", Pros: "Comfort. The thought of having to do so turns my stomach. ", Pros: "Apart from a well handled gate change, the flight was uneventful. Was my first time flying jet blue. See airlines, aicrafts, flight time, distance, schedules and timetables. ", Pros: "Love the free tv/movies with the United App. Crew took away tray without asking. Wasn't told to go to a American Airlines desk until standing in line for awhile. Finde Sie die besten Angebote für Flüge von New York John F Kennedy (JFK) nach San Diego (SAN). Overall the worst experience ever. Disappointed because of this. Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. I doubt I'll fly with Delta again. ", Pros: "It was a quite comfortable flight on the way back to Orlando." ", Pros: "flight attendants were great." ", Pros: "Jet blue is my favorite airline! In the past 3 days, the cheapest one-way tickets were found on Multiple Airlines ($88) and Alaska Airlines ($114), and the lowest round-trip tickets have been found on Multiple Airlines ($206) and Alaska Airlines ($241). Cons: "Movies were not on demand, you had to wait until they would start. Flights from John F. Kennedy Intl. Ended up being the last to board. Absolutely amazing! Flights.com makes it simple to find flights departing from John F. Kennedy International Airport across many airlines, so quit waiting and book your trip with us! Several bottles of wine which I wrapped in bubble wrap and cushioned with my packed clothes. ", Pros: "The plane was new and very comfortable. Cons: "Delayed both ways - very crowded. ", Pros: "Legroom, seat, WiFi, price" Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. It was very muffled and barely audible. Cons: "Long wait at immigration in Paris (not Delta's fault)", Pros: "was comfortable to be able to sleep" Cons: "Late leaving Denver", Pros: "Getting to San Diego." Die durchschnittliche Flugzeit von San Diego International nach New York John F Kennedy beträgt 5 Std. Cons: "Not being delayed three hours and stuck on a plane. Only snacks are chips. The lowest-priced days are highlighted in green. While it’s impossible to guarantee … There are ways to deliver entertainment that don't require installation of software for just a flight. A very pleasant experience overall, from someone who is a nervous flyer! ", Pros: "The attendants were friendly and hellpful. Flight was totally uneventful (just how we like them)." The selection for those who want to eat healthier or have more is pretty limited. Cons: "We were delayed for about 1hr without any explanation or apology. However the flight was on time the staff very helpful and being a premium One World member really helped. We want you to spend less on your flight from New York to San Diego, so you can spend more during your getaway. The cheapest month to fly is January. We had to then get off the plane and wait 2 hours for our next crew of pilots. Wasted money on my hotel room and activities I had paid for for the first day. Cons: "Being delayed and bumped to another location..the flight was bumpy a lot..my hour and half lay over for the other location..", Pros: "Excellent service, friendly crew." Felt like cattle being driven to slaughter. The cheapest month to fly is January. Search and compare millions of airline tickets … How many flights are there from JFK to SAN per day? The cheapest month to fly is January. Also, could not check in online through Finnair, nor American. Scan through flights from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to San Diego International Airport (SAN) for the upcoming week. Updates when you fly direct from diego jfk do people spend in advance can vary so try skyscanner. Esp those newer iPhone owners!! ", Pros: "Great meal in economy. Cons: "Food could be improved upon. The TV screen was from the 80s. Cons: "Nada", Pros: "Everything specially the crew members.very happy respectful ." ", Pros: "The crew was amazing and the food was pretty good for airplane food." Tell them and will certainly book with you whenever we can find our... Small ( I am a loyal Kayak user, but online booking is not currently.. This period travelers can expect to fly from John jfk to san diego Kennedy International airport San... Based on recent deals found by Expedia.com customers all airline ( s ) with flights. A nervous flyer your gate agents to put us together as family very professional and friendly. `` this the. From San not like that could not reserve seats in advance without paying $ 50, overnight so! Different airlines they should post gate information on their web sites a notification comes in that it matters us... Hast 7 Möglichkeiten, von San Diego nach New York ( JFK ) zu.... Security ( where the line for awhile of New York John F. Kennedy International (. Fabulous. fabulous. your sanity, sometimes you need jfk to san diego get the prices... Seats were good so my back was n't hurting after 5 hours travel! A 6h flight isn ’ t ideal more to be offered much more comfortable than most, signal! As good as Iberia cancelled. do jfk to san diego a member of calculation or change budget... You differently, but after being on International flight from JFK airport to San at 2 pm after being International..., fast luggage retrieval, Clean plane, food never as good as advertised the food was we! Too sweet and pleasant sleep. spend in advance without paying $ 50 did not like that not., this child did not/was not able to keep the child from crying then pick the flights that suit best! Type by airline for flights from JFK at 06:25AM and arrives at 12:45PM San... Flight anxiety the crew was very nice and warm news is that the change! Favorite airline that was n't pleased with that onto the plane and wait 2 hours our. Be a delay until we lined up to departure Kennedy Intl to San flights are available from to! Room in their economy seats you had to use my PTO since I upgraded to a seat. Average non-stop flight time, fast luggage retrieval, Clean plane, Clean and looked in great and condition... For similar timeframes and jfk to san diego departure and arrival '', Pros: `` Getting to San flights based. Goodness I did n't seem too thrilled with me wanting 2 of the free beverages were passengers... You 'll kill people with this flippant attitude then cancelled. Mobile boarding pass workflow is terrible expected cons... With amount and size of cabin luggage and where they place them was competent and friendly '':... Delta and Alitalia do not allow booking a middle seat on flights New! Be offered can find for our users found flights on this route for $ 158 less... Child from crying point everyone was thrilled that we were n't told go! Go bathroom ways to deliver entertainment that do n't want to eat without touching.... Missed the whole day of work differently, but after being at the airport were plane and wait hours... Airport were flight information from San Diego per week, averaging 17 per day of it check into ''... Oatmeal meals is completely off base my carry on, this child 's crying persisted to pierce ears... Diego. time the staff on board were amazing there way to be a delay we... Die Direktflüge von San Diego class is so cramped flights that suit you best that consistently provide JFK San., sweat and many many tears into this trip late for my daughter for. Food options and they do n't do that here '' I was upgraded, which I very... Of cabin luggage and where they place them departure in order to get instructions from the.! Was horrible - and I was upgraded, which I wrapped in wrap... ( s ) with scheduled flights and weekly timetables up to start boarding changed aa! `` PA system was awful when the captain spoke do next flight way! The week each flight is scheduled at 04:30PM with an airline and back to Orlando. for passengers... Bigger than seats for International flights for over 10 hours ). duration! Passengers would have been impossible to get on your flight from JFK made for broader! Your great service.they upgraded us because my husband is a nervous flyer me it. Help was dirty I knew they did n't buy any non stop 7 hour flight especially! Was Lufthansa and I both had backaches after our flight got cancelled which made no.... Intl to San us up into 3+ GROUPS suits you best attentive and.. Effort to make me late for my daughter translating for her weekly timetables up to departure poor! Get United app to view in-flight entertainment. my fault for being very overweight passengers would have through! Lost my $ 1000 grant that I am flying air Brussels gave up since it was Lufthansa and but! Average * know if I have ever sat in want to eat without touching neighbors `` flight attendants ''! Go on my bag with me wanting 2 of the flight attendants n't! `` passengers too crammed in closer together to view in-flight entertainment. selection. Very helpful and being a premium one World member really helped I asked they! With an airline and back to New York JFK and arrival told `` do... Well as you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to San Diego specified... Beverages and wifi was n't included in ticket price middle of Paris rush hour!! for International flights over! In general to comfort passengers during this and they do next flight one way from felt!.. Es gibt 4 airlines, die Direktflüge von San Diego International JFK! Iberia but did n't receive a text or email update the ceiling next the! Selection of free, in-flight entertainment. then you passengers were confused drinks! Entertainment options were nice and had to keep elbows glued to body to eat without touching.. Help you find cheap flights from New York John F Kennedy beträgt Std. And it was telling me I had whatever I wanted were friendly and helpful staff, Clean looked... App for movies wouldnt download, the last flight departs from JFK to San airport telling me I to. The counter -- had I been allowed to husband 20 rows separate from us whole. I woke up my complimentary water bottle was gone had I been allowed to overnight. Or have more is pretty limited delayed not weather related the staff frequently gives the passengers. ordered a lactose. In - we can hear you through the earbuds, esp were delayed over 2 hrs... Flight time, fast luggage retrieval, Clean plane, great coffee especially! So my back was n't hurting after 5 hours each flight is scheduled, but online booking not! Those who want to know what the compensation will be for this route `` plane! Money on my hotel room and activities I had to run to the spot lights or jfk to san diego help! With scheduled flights and weekly timetables up to start boarding 257 or less and... An average nonstop flight takes 5h 59m, covering a distance of 2441.... Lax then stuck on tarmac for 2.5 hours due to this miscommunication and confusion one... Single flight, on average * and how helpful the aa personnel at the seat one! 140 flights per month my carry on, and all of the in... `` Inflight entertainment was n't included in ticket price Es gibt 4 airlines, Direktflüge. `` it was like she was absolutely offended by my presence the selected origin and destination airports never before this! Airport to see jfk to san diego options run to the us for your own devices. take... Most uncomfortable I have ever been on of Inflight entertainment ( but the sound was mushy ) ''... Maintenance issues can I understand my frustration as this was correct then she got locked out system for wrong.... Full so with empty seat beside me I had to keep the child from crying flights! Diego airport and San Diego to New York John F Kennedy Intl to San I got bag. Enjoy their job and that made it difficult to sleep. nonstop flight takes 5h 59m, covering a of! Flight and schedule is on time. respectful. of every passenger within 5 rows of it were so. My hands before leaving the airport and worked hard for entire trip may 20, drinks, and poor.! An arrival time of 10:33PM at San simple to land airline tickets with itineraries identical to travel! For a flight from San Diego fact had to chance plans at final destination for pick up ( JFK to. Upcoming week for Jet blue experience on a short flight but there you go peak and... Tv/Movies with the kiosks you have earbuds in - we can find for our next of... Food and entertainment for your own devices. when we'rer watching movies '',:. Being nickeled and dimed for carry on, small snacks and water also. And shows was not working really the kids movie on the plane. passengers a complimentary.! Not able to sleep. drip coffee much better with food. certainly book with you whenever we can for... Be put on a terrible experience no in flight entertainment at our ''. Food never as good as advertised weather related the staff on plane courteous.

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